“Since I was a boy, I’ve been aware of God’s presence in my life. In my late teens and early twenties, powerful influences led me into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and called me into Christian ministry as a preacher, pastor, and, ultimately, a pastoral counselor and psychotherapist. Listening to people in illness, crisis, guilt and grief, again and again I saw how God was the unseen factor intervening in their life situations with grace and often miraculous outcomes. More recently stories have kept coming to me, often through casual conversations with friends or occasional meetings with strangers, with the same theme of a purpose or power or plan at work that cannot be explained apart from God.”

George Slater holds a PhD in the Psychology of Religion and Counseling from Boston University. His dissertation was on Gotthard Booth’s theory of kairos (the opportune moment) in the spontaneous regression of cancer.

In addition to Along Comes God and Bringing Dreams to Life, Dr. Slater is the author of several articles, has taught numerous courses and led workshops on topics as varied as:

  • communication and interpersonal relations
  • emotion, life-style and wellness
  • facilitating change
  • grief and depression
  • belief and healing
  • Jungian psychology and Christian spirituality
  • cancer self-help education
  • the psychology of religion
  • relaxation and coping skills
  • the opportune moment in psychosomatic healing

In 2004, he retired after 23 years in private practice in Toronto. Though no longer a minister, he continues to pursue his interest in the role of prayer and Christian faith in healing.

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