Come with me into a world of unexpected goodness and wonderfully gracious outcomes, amazing coincidences, narrow escapes, life-changing encounters, answered prayers, faith healings, and providential dreams. An on-duty fireman narrowly escapes death when terrorists crash an airbus into the Pentagon. A chiropractor almost dies climbing Mount Kilimanjaro except for a German cardiologist and his nurse wife who happen to be passing at the critical moment. A frantic housewife recovers her wedding ring through prayer. An electronics sales manager is delayed in rush hour traffic and misses his flight which crashes shortly after takeoff, killing all on board. These are just a few samples of the stories that follow.

Looking out into the universe, most of us have asked at one time or another, “Is anybody there?” Some have yet to hear an answer. Others have found the answer lies much closer, even in the events of their own lives. What they have experienced is so convincing it leaves no doubt. The script being followed shows a wisdom far greater than any human mind, and a goodness none of us understands or deserves. These remarkable stories show what happens when God comes along and when ordinary people have the faith to trust in Him.

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